Art Inspiration

Inspiration for creating art is all around you - garden flowers, pets, products in stores,etc. For an artist that creates art for products it is important to paint themes that appeal to consumers. Not only being inspired about what is around you but being observant of what people wear and buy, what is in the news, trolling the internet, attending trade and consumer shows all help you become aware of consumer interests and trends.

I use my digital camera to record pictures for my extensive art reference library when I take walks, visit garden centers, and go on trips. Below are a couple of videos that I created in Apple iMovie from photos taken on various trips. Click on the image to view the video.


The Tetons, Yellowstone & Beyond

  Cornerstone Sonoma

See scenery, animals, birds and flower photos taken on a trip to the Grand Tetons, Jackstone Hole, Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, and Idaho Falls Idaho.


See a VERY unusual place at Cornerstone Sonoma, CA. It has about 20 themed gardens (many without plants or flowers), lots of sculptures, many items with textures, and stores that sell unique items.